Being a member of the Angel Capital Association may give you access to certain benefits on Hockeystick, such as additional datasets or analytical dashboards.

Before you try creating an account, find out within your group if your organization is already on Hockeystick. Then reach out internally to your user administrator who will be able to invite you in.

If you're unsure of who within your organization has this access, feel free to email

If you know your group is not on Hockeystick, simply reach out to your contact within ACA, requesting access to Hockeystick.

Hockeystick and ACA will work together and provide your organization access to anything it is entitled to.

You will then receive an invitation to join the platform, in due time:

After accepting the invite, you will be redirected to create your own account:

Once you fill in the required fields, click on "Accept Invite" and log in. Welcome to Hockeystick!

To view the Analytics dashboard, hover over "Analytics" from the top navigation bar and click on ACA:

Additionally, as the first user in the organization, you also have user administrator privileges, which allows you to invite additional users.

To add other users, click on Organization > Users and click on the "+ Add User" button.

You can then enter your teammate's email address which will send them an automated invite email much like the one you received.

If you have any questions or are unsure about what to do at any point, feel free to email or chat with us and we will direct you accordingly.

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