Any fund or organization can claim an account on Hockeystick, it is completely free! If you're interested in joining our Matchmaking platform, click here.

Being a CVCA member may also give you access to certain benefits, such as additional datasets or access to CVCA Intelligence!

If you are a member, before you create an account reach out to your contact at CVCA, requesting access to Hockeystick.

You will be asked to claim your Hockeystick profile here, and to follow the prompts to submit your claim request:

Note: For security reasons, a page can only be claimed by one designated individual from each organization. If the page has already been claimed by one of your colleagues, you may not be able to claim it. However, they will be able to create an account for you and invite you in.

If you believe that your organization's page has been claimed by someone outside of your team or are unsure who has claimed it within your organization, please email us at

Once you have claimed your account, Hockeystick and CVCA will then work together to provide your organization access to anything it is entitled to.

See also: How do I view my Data Partner group's dashboard? and Why can't I view additional datasets?

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