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Adding a Pipeline as a Funder

Everything on how to add your funding options...

As a funder on Hockeystick, you have the ability to add your own funding opportunities (aka Pipelines) for startups and SMBs to choose from.

To create your pipelines, start by clicking on Funder >  scroll down to Pipelines > click Add Pipeline:

This will open a new window where you can edit and customize what companies will see on your “card” as they browse through the available funding options on our platform:

  • The Card Title field is always required and, while other fields are not, they should still be filled in as much as necessary. This includes your pipeline description, check size, and funding type.
  • The company targets field is especially important, as these will be seen by the company and allow them to understand if they fit your funding thesis. They do not prevent companies from requesting to connect with you.

  • Once you’re ready, click Save at the bottom of the window. Your pipeline will be “paused” by default until you click the Publish button.
  • If you want to see how your pipeline will look to company users, click the Public View button. To make any changes to your pipeline, click anywhere on the specific pipeline area again.

Should you run into any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact support@hockeystick.co.