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Funder Response Centre

Your one-stop for all company matches on Matchmaking!


The Funder Response Centre is a new page dedicated to funders for managing, responding, and reviewing matches at their own convenience.

It is a complimentary page aside from the match emails to help maintain their match queue. It can be broken down into 3 major features:

Weekly Summary:


Every Friday, we will send you a reminder email about your unresponded matches where you’ll be able to access the Response Center by clicking the "Respond" button.

These weekly emails are how you will access the Response Centre, so keep them secured and safe!

Outstanding Matches:


Once you access the Response Centre, you will see all of your outstanding matches in one place. They will be sorted by the most recent, down to the oldest matches that have not yet been responded to.

Only 50 matches will be loaded initially, so scroll down to see further!

Inbox Experience:


Treat each match just like an email in an inbox, by selecting one at a time and responding Pass or Connect.

If you Pass on a match, you will see the same feedback options except the ability to leave a personalized note for now!