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Hockeystick Loan Applications for Lenders

Hockeystick Loan Applications for Lenders Pedro Lima

As a lender on Hockeystick, you now will be able to access a new page dedicated to managing, responding, and reviewing your remaining loan applications at your convenience, in addition to your regular matches.

In your weekly Response Center reminder email, sent every Friday and detailing the number of unresponded matches in your queue, you will now see an additional page called Applications.

Note: This page will only be available to those lenders who opted-in for this feature. If you'd like to opt-in, please reach out to support@hockeystick.co!

Much like the previous Matches page, you will see a list of qualifying, unresponded loan applications ready to be reviewed by you!

Scrolling down on this list will load additional results (should they exist) and you can respond to each application by selecting the company from the list and clicking Pass or Connect, the same way you previously for funding matches:

You will be able to view a summary of the company's details on the side panel, to the right. Download the qualifying company's financial statements, and similar files, by scrolling down the side panel:

When connecting with a company via the Applications page, you will now be required to write an introductory message to start the conversation:

After you connect with a company, you will both be introduced via a separate introduction email where you can continue the conversation!

If you have any questions about this new feature, feel free to reach out to us at support@hockeystick.co

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