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How do I Apply for Loans on Hockeystick?

How do I Apply for Loans on Hockeystick?

You can accelerate your company's growth with the right loan for your business using Hockeystick’s Loan Applications, allowing you to instantly apply to multiple lenders with a single application, saving you time and getting you closer to the funds you need!

Start applying by navigating to the Apply for Loans section, from the navigation tab on the left:

You will have three different loan options to pick from, but you are not limited to one alone!

Currently, the available loan options are Revenue-based Financing Application, SR&ED Financing Application, and General Term Loans.

If you have completed your Company Profile, you will notice that some fields in each loan option are pre-filled with your financial information, and some additional fields will be required in order to submit the applications.

For example, you will be asked to upload your In-House/YTD Financial Statements as a file:

Note: You will only be able to upload PDF or Excel file types.

It is beneficial for you to name these files appropriately, as lenders will eventually see them once your application is live! If you'd like to delete the file, simply click on the "trash bin" icon next to it.

Should you need to, you are able to save your application as a Draft and come back to complete it at a later time:

Once you filled in all the required information and are ready to have your application seen, click the Save & Set Live button:

Setting your loan application to live will ensure you’re always visible to potential lenders, even new lenders that have recently joined the platform. You never have to worry about missing an opportunity!

If you need to update your application at any point, you can select it again from your Apply for Loans > Live Applications section.

Your live applications will be matched on a daily basis with potential lenders, who will have a chance to review your information before connecting with you, via an introductory email.

Should you have any questions or issues regarding your loan applications, don't hesitate to reach us at support@hockeystick.co