Making edits to your profile

Learn about how to edit your organization details on your profile.


You can make edits to your organization's profile at any time by going to
Organization > See my profile on the top navigation and clicking on the Edit Organization button.

In Edit Organization view, you can make changes to the various details about your organization. Your organization's profile may already be populated with data from the Open Database if you are a new organization that just claimed your account, or be populated with data you've submitted to your membership association. 

Changes are automatically saved once you finish editing each section, these changes are saved to both your private data source and the Open Database. Learn more about what happens when you edit your profile.

In order to submit more detailed data about your organization such as funding round participation or programs, click on the "Submit More Data" button at the top to be redirected to the appropriate methods.

Once you finish editing, you can click on the Finish Editing button at the bottom of the page, or press Back button on your browser to return to your organization's public page. Here, you can see some of the changes you've made that are deemed public. Note that not all fields you edit may appear on the public pages, as some fields are for your private view only.