Managing my funder connections

If you're looking to confirm the status of your connections to funders, click on the Connection Status drop-down menu in the Browse section:

You'll see 4 different filters in this section:

Initiated by Hockeystick Advisor -  These connections are "manual matches" performed by the Hockeystick Advisor you are working with.

Request sent to funder - Selecting this will show you connection requests you just initiated, by clicking the Request to meet button on a funder's page.

Request rejected by funder - Selecting this will show you all connection requests where the funder did not wish to meet you. Funders are required to provide a reason for this, and you'll be able to see it in your My Activity section by clicking the Notifications (bell) icon.

Request accepted by funder - Will show you all the connection requests you send that have been accepted. When both you and a funder agree to meet, an email is sent introducing both parties and where the conversation can continue, outside of the platform.