Matchmaking - FAQ

Everything you need to know about Hockeystick's Matchmaking!

What does Hockeystick cost?

It’s free for startups!

How will I know if I’m a good match?


Does Hockeystick provide or help with fundraising directly?

We only help you in your fundraising by connecting you with a funder or vendor.

Does connecting with a funder guarantee my startup will receive funding?

No, it does not. We suggest matches and facilitate introductions once both parties agree to connect. It is up to you and the funder to then continue the conversation after having been introduced.

How is my data protected?

Hockeystick values your privacy and has a security-first policy when it comes to building our platform. We employ enterprise-grade security throughout our platform and are compliant with GDPR. You own your data and have full control over how it is used. To learn more see our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Can other startups see my company's financial information?

No. All private company information given during onboarding will remain confidential and only visible to funders and partners with whom you want to connect.

Why can’t I see any more matches to pick from?

We want to make sure the choices you make matter and that funders don’t get overwhelmed with recommendations, you will be able to make additional choices after 24 hours.

I’m a startup and I expressed interest in connecting with X funder, how can I know when I’ll get a message back?

You can only know when a funder is interested in your startup when they agree to connect with you. Once that happens, you will both be introduced via email, but until then simply continue using the platform!

My cards expired! How can I get them back?

If you missed out on responding to a card and it has since expired, the same card will be eligible to you and recommended again after 30 days! At the moment, it isn't possible to expedite this process.

I'm trying to sign up but it won’t accept my email?

You need to use an email address that matches your website domain, which is a requirement to create an account. Once you are able to obtain your own email domain, we’d love to have you on board!

Does Hockeystick support private lending?

No, we do not work with individual investors or lenders, only funds (and organizations).

I'm a funder with multiple different funding products, can Hockeystick accommodate them all?

Yes, different funding products can be accommodated and set to target various different types of companies based on their location, revenue, and more.

I’m a funder, can startups contact me even if they don’t match with me?

Startups will not be able to contact you unless you've both agreed to connect. If you both agree to connect, we will send an email introducing you to each other.

I’m a funder. How do I update my targeting information?

Simply reach out to our Customer Success team or send an email to, with the details you'd like to change or update.

How do I delete my Matchmaking account?

If you'd like to delete your Matchmaking account, simply email and we will remove your information from the platform.