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Requesting to meet funders

As you browse and filter through the available funding opportunities, you will eventually want to connect with a funder you want to meet.

Some opportunities, like government grant applications, won't display a Request to meet button as you'll simply need to submit an application on the appropriate website under Application URL, as seen below


However, if you're looking to connect with VCs or Angel group, you'll see the Request to meet button displayed at the top of the funder's page:

Clicking this button will automatically send an email to the funder with a summary of your company's profile. It will include your company's:

  • Description
  • Pitch deck
  • MRR
  • Funding to date

It's important for you to have your company profile fully completed and fleshed out since the information you add on your company profile will be what the funder sees when you request to meet them. First impressions matter!

The button will then change and tell you when you requested to meet the funder:

When a funder receives the email with your meeting request, they will get the opportunity to either agree or decline to meet you. Funders that choose to decline, will have to provide some feedback as to why, and you will see this feedback in your Notifications menu (bell icon).

If the funder agrees to meet you, you will be introduced via email where your conversation can continue outside of the platform.

Learn more about should happen next in our "Setting up meetings with funders" help article, and feel free to reach out support@hockeystick.co if you have any questions!