Selecting Data Sources

Learn about different data sources that Hockeystick uses, as well as which ones you may access and edit.

We utilize many different sources of data to fuel the Hockeystick platform. These data sources act as datasets that we manage and present to you as results in our database

Currently, Hockeystick manages many data points. These points could represent a single fact about an organization (e.g. the organization's target vertical) or the whole organization itself. We do the work to clean and manage the data so you get the best representation of the organization that you are looking for.

When searching in the database or looking at an organization's profile, you can decide on which data sources to see data from. All sources made available for you are enabled by default.

Here are some sources you may have access to:

Open Database

Hockeystick's own database, this source is available for all logged in and logged out users. We populate this database with publicly available data, as well as any edited fields by the organizations themselves.

Hockeystick Enhanced

A supplementary data source that enhances the data within Open Database. Data in this source is manually verified and augmented. As such, you may see this as a replacement for Open Database. This source is available for all organizations that are logged in and are verified.

Hockeystick (Private)

A data source that represents your organization's own data on Hockeystick. Your organization's profile lives within this data source and is not publicly available to other users on the platform. This private data source has different usages:

  • If you are an organization that just claimed your account:

This data source represents all of your organization's details that were represented in the Open Database. Any edits that you perform on your profile will update both this private source and the Open Database.

  • If you are part of a membership association that was given an account:

Any data you've submitted to your respective membership association appears in this data source and is private to you. Currently, any edits that you perform on your profile will update both your private source and the Open Database.

Membership Association Dataset (ACA / NGen)

If you are a part of a membership association, this data source represents your association's data on your organization. This data source can be seen by anyone who has access to this source, based on their membership permissions.