Using Hockeystick Pro

Using Hockeystick Pro Elaine Coopersmith

What do I get access to when I buy a seat to access Hockeystick Pro? 

When you buy a seat to access Hockeystick Pro, you will get access to

  1. Open Database

  2. CVCA Data Set(Exhaustive database of Canadian companies endorsed by Candian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association)

  3. CVCA Intelligence Dashboard(Powerful dashboard to gain insights on the latest investment trends)

What are the charges to buy a Hockeystick Pro seat? 

Please view our pricing details for buying seats.

For how many months can I buy the subscription at one time on a monthly subscription plan? 

Hockeystick is very flexible. You have an option to buy the subscription on monthly or annual basis. 

What happens once the transaction has been successfully completed to buy a seat? 

Once the transaction has been successfully completed, you will receive an invite to set up your account within one business day. Our customer success team will also reach out to you to ensure you are all set! In case you face any issues please email us at

How can I request for an additional seat? 

Additional members can request for a seat on Hockeystick Pro through our website

Which other Data sets can I get access to? 

We are always looking to help you get access to more data. Please let us know which other data partner data are you looking to access by emailing us at

Can I export the data?

Yes, you can export your results to an excel format by clicking on the “Export Results” link at the bottom of “Advanced search” page. 

I need to export data with than 1,000 entries. How can I do that?

Yes, you can export your results with more than 1,000 entries into an excel format by upgrading your subscription to “Enterprise”

I have questions on how to use Hockeystick Pro, what do I do?

In case you have more questions, or would like to understand about any feature in detail, feel free to reach out to our support team at

Privacy Policy and T&C’s

What is Hockeystick’s Privacy Policy? 

Hockeystick takes your privacy seriously. Click here to find out more about our Privacy Policy

How does Hockeystick use my information?

We use your registration Information and account activity to provide updates and provide more information on our products and services to you. Hockeystick does not provide your personal information to any third-party. For additional details on how Hockeystick may use your information, please see our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.


Renewal, Cancellations and Transfers 

Can I transfer my Hockeystick Subscription?

Yes, Hockeystick is very flexible.You can get your seats transferred to someone else by informing the admin. The admin will be able to remove your access and grant it to some other member. 

How do I renew my Hockeystick Subscription?

Your subscription will be renewed every month or year depending on the plan you have opted for . You can email us in case you have any questions.

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