What happens when I edit my profile?


You may want to edit a field on your profile because it is out of date, incorrect, or simply to add more details about your organization. Keeping your organization's profile up to date will grant you better visibility to the Hockeystick network.

When you make edits to your profile in Edit Organization view, you are making changes to your own private data source, as well as publishing these changes to the Open Database.

Currently, any changes made to any editable fields on your profile will be published to the Open Database and saved to your private data source simultaneously. 

These published changes on the profile to the Open Database are made publicly available, allowing anyone on Hockeystick to see changes to your organization's profile. 

Once you finish editing, you can click on the Finish Editing button at the bottom of the page, or press the Back button on your browser to return to your organization's public page.

Here, you can see some of the changes you've made that are deemed public. Note that not all fields you edit may appear on the public pages, as some fields are for your private view only.